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Sharing our love for research

by Dr Sara da Silva Ramos is Senior Research Fellow, Natalia Masztalerz is Assistant Psychologist (Outcome Measures), and Dr Rudi Coetzer is Clinical Director at Brainkind

It is nearly June, meaning Research Month 2023 is back at Brainkind.

This initiative aims to encourage everyone to get enthusiastic about research and appreciate its value in promoting innovation and improving practice.

Research is part of what makes us human. As with most things, research begins with a question or a problem that needs a solution. A diverse array of tools may then be used to find an answer. We often find that asking one question might give rise to many others, creating a never-ending series of small leaps into a deeper understanding of a subject. We all do this, sometimes without even realising it!

Research Month will be about sparking curiosity and surprise at the heart of research itself. Starting from our motto: “Be curious. Ask questions. Search for answers.” throughout June, we will be inviting everyone: staff, the people we support, friends and followers of the Trust to get involved and share with us something curious and something surprising…

Engaging professionals, people with lived experience and the broader public in research makes it more accessible, meaningful and relevant [1]. It helps us integrate an understanding of “what works for me“ with the evidence base on “what works for many” [2].

The second year of Research Month will spread far and wide the seeds of creativity and collaboration that make research thrive and help the knowledge that guides and innovates our practice to grow and grow.

Follow us on social media to take part in our challenges and feel free to share your thoughts with

Until then, happy Research Month!

Sara, Natalia, & Rudi


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