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Our impact

Across the UK, people with brain injuries and other neurological conditions are now living more fulfilling lives, thanks to the hard work and compassion of our specialist staff.

Brainkind’s impact 2022-23

With over 40 years’ experience and expertise in brain injury and neurorehabilitation, we are committed to providing personalised and compassionate treatment and care.

Led by a team of clinical experts, our services include a holistic approach to rehabilitation, focusing on physical, cognitive, and vocational rehabilitation, alongside educational and emotional support designed to empower the person supported and their families.

Our services offer a range of care and treatment options. In hospitals and neurological centres, we offer rehabilitation – helping people to regain lost skills or to find new ways of compensating for lost abilities.

We also provide long-term care in our residential homes and supported living services.

With experts including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists, and others, our teams provide the care and treatment a person needs to achieve their goals and thrive.

We use four things to measure the impact of our services:


How much supervision someone needs.


The type of accommodation someone needs.


How social someone is.


Someone’s ability to take part in recreational, vocational and occupational activities.

Making a positive impact on people’s lives

Our approach to neurorehabilitation helps people to thrive after a brain injury, or while living with a neurological condition. We provide innovative rehabilitation and ongoing support to make sure life after brain injury, or a neurological condition, can be a life well lived.

Our two hospitals, 11 neurological centres, 11 residential homes and 24 supported living services help people to regain lost skills or find new ways of compensating for them.

Our report explains how the people we support in our services become more independent following rehabilitation and move forward with their lives.

Meaningful change

In 2022-23, our services positively changed the lives of people with brain injuries. During this time:

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