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Quality assurance

Quality of service has always been at the centre of Brainkind’s philosophy, ensuring that the systems, tools and measures are in place to identify the positive areas of the organisation, and to address any potential issues

Quality assurance

The people we work with are a fundamental part of our service, giving us feedback and insight into how they feel we are running it.

This feedback can be about all aspects of the service we deliver, with a particular focus on the lives of the people we support, including independence, inclusion within the community and health and wellbeing.

Every service has a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) Regional Advisor who works closely with the operational management, staff and people we support. The Quality Assurance team visit each service to conduct formal audits and support other aspects concerning the quality of the service provision.

The formal review of services includes all stakeholders’ views to support evidence-based information.

Brainkind invites individuals living at those services to participate actively in the review.

We are committed to continually adapting, reviewing, and auditing processes to focus on the five fundamentals of care:

Quality is about doing it right, especially when no one is looking.


The QA Advisors support the operational teams with advice and guidance regarding Care Quality Commission/Healthcare Improvement Scotland, best practices and changes in legislation etc. In addition, there is also a clear focus on Safeguarding.

Brainkind promotes the education of staff teams and ensure they have clear access to Whistleblowing under the terms of the Whistleblowing Policy.

We have implemented a Whistleblowing hotline accessible to any staff who need to highlight bad practices and potentially abusive situations.

The team has also devised several communications for staff to promote best practices. Brainkind supports these practices in the bi-annual newsletter ‘Quality Matters’, which also gives information on key changes in practice and legislation and examples of best practices to share.

Compliments and complaints

The Quality Assurance team understands the importance of knowing how others feel about the services. All services have a comments box for unprompted feedback and regular questionnaires and surveys to identify specific themes and responses.

This comprehensive, transparent management of feedback and complaints is key to identifying positive methods of growth and development, both at the service level and as a part of Brainkind as a whole.

The Quality Assurance team welcome your thoughts regarding compliments, comments, and concerns.

Contact us during office hours at 01924 269393.

There is a dedicated Whistleblowing Hotline.

All potential safeguarding issues and incidents of abuse by staff, visitors or other people at our services must be reported without delay on 01444 258599 or via

Quality means:

Placing the the people we support at the centre.

Personal outcomes being achieved.

Relationships between staff and people we support are based on dignity and respect.

Positive experiences of care provided through relationships based on mutual respect and consideration.

Consistent, coordinated care and support tailored to the needs of the people we support.

Annual quality reviews take place in every service with a key focus on how services evidence compliance with the above outcomes. Any actions identified will be translated into action plans by operational management.

Where these issues identify areas of excellence and best practice, the Quality Assurance department ensures there is the optimum opportunity to share this news with colleagues at other services.

Health and Safety

Brainkind’s Health and Safety team works to ensure that systems are in place within the organisation to provide and maintain a safe place of work and safe systems of work.

As well as ensuring that the buildings are safe, the team works closely with maintenance staff and contractors to ensure that staff keep any machinery, equipment, and installations in a safe condition.

They are available to support and advise staff at all levels regarding the appropriate legislative requirements for various areas and disciplines, including, but certainly not limited to, legionella, fire safety, electric and gas maintenance, COSHH and manual handling.

Quality means placing the people we support at the centre

Each service is visited at least twice a year, and all areas of the environment, systems and risk assessments are audited to ensure they meet and exceed the minimum legal requirement.

Where areas are identified as being ‘non-compliant’ or needing further action, managers are supported by Brainkind with training, mentoring and support in developing an action plan.

We work closely with our operational managers and teams to support positive relationships with other agencies, including Environmental Health, Public Health, the Health & Safety Executive, the Fire Safety Inspectors and other regulatory bodies.

If you have a question or query for our Health and Safety team, please email, and a team member will contact you.

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