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Brain Injury Screening Index – BISI

Do you deliver front-line services for the homeless, prisoners or prison leavers? Do you know or suspect you are working with people with a brain injury?

Brain Injury Screening Index – BISI

Brainkind has developed the Brain Injury Screening Index – BISI ®, a validated tool that can be used within prison, probation, community and rehabilitation settings to establish whether someone has sustained a brain injury.

The BISI is an 11-question screening tool to help identify people with a brain injury, and it also indicates the injury’s severity. The BISI is not a diagnostic tool but records an individual’s self-reported history of brain injury. It has been developed for use by all levels of practitioners and is available with guidance for its use now.

How does the BISI work?

The BISI is a straightforward tool, asking questions about injuries consisting of blows to the head and the treatment received. It also asks about previous medical history relating to illnesses of the brain. Answers to specific questions can be used to estimate the severity of any brain injury.

How can I get the BISI?

The BISI is provided for free, subject to terms and conditions. This is so we can ensure the organisations and individuals using BISI, use it in its entirety, do not amend or edit it, follow the accompanying guidance, and acknowledge that we hold the copyright for the BISI. Please ensure you read the BISI terms and conditions during registration.

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