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Referral Process

Our fast and simple referral process is designed to be used by professionals, specialists and agencies.

brain injury referral process

Here to support you

For over 40 years, Brainkind has provided a wide range of services across the UK, rehabilitating people with brain injuries and other neurological conditions so they can live as independently as possible and meet their goals.

Whatever the circumstances, we will support people and their families through each step of the referral process.

Our referral process is transparent, available nationally and expert led. Whether an injury occurred historically, or someone has already begun rehabilitation – we’re here to help.

Our referral process

Brainkind is here to support you in the referral process. We can talk you thorough making a referral and help you complete our the form. Call us today on 0330 0581 881 for any help and advice.

Choose your preferred way to refer

Choose your ideal way to submit a referral to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Download our referral form

Download the form

Download and complete our referrals form and email to


Be email

Email the completed referral form to us at

By phone

0330 0581 881 (cost as a standard landline). Brainkind’s Central Referrals Team can help identify the most appropriate service, or if you know the service you require, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them directly for an initial discussion.

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