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The Brain Injury Linkworker Service

brain injury linkworker service

The Brain Injury Linkworker Service

The Brain Injury Linkworker Service is based on the belief in equal and fair access to neurorehabilitation for all. As an organisation, we are proud of the work we have carried out for several years in Wales, focusing on the difference we can make in the Criminal Justice System.

We currently have Brain Injury Linkworker services in HMP Cardiff, HMP Swansea, and the associated Approved Premises supporting prison leavers.

Brainkind (formerly The Disabilities Trust) has developed the Brain Injury Linkworker Service (BIL) over the last decade. It identifies people with a history indicative of brain injury using the Brain Injury Screening Index (BISI) together with a range of standardised screening tools to develop a holistic understanding of the person in prison.

From this detailed assessment, the BIL plans and provides a range of effective interventions, often addressing problems relating to memory, concentration, behaviour that challenges, and motivation.

The Linkworker service engages with complex people, many of whom have otherwise disengaged from previous support available in prison.

Psychoeducation and brain injury awareness training enable people in prison to understand the impact of their brain injury and, as a result, make it easier for them to self-manage their health.

Positive outcomes

The ability of the Brain Injury Linkworker intervention to deliver positive outcomes is documented in Ramos et al., 2018 and included in a systematic review of brain interventions by de Geus et al., 2021. A previous evaluation of our BIL in South Wales found:



fewer open ACCTs (Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork)


fewer adjudications and incidents compared to the three months before receiving support, evidencing the impact of the support provided.

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