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Influencing for change

We empower people with brain injuries with the knowledge and skills they need to make positive changes, often leading to greater inclusion.

Influencing for change

Brainkind (formerly The Disabilities Trust) works to influence policy and practice in several areas. As part of this work, we produce briefings and respond to consultations on various policy areas linked to brain injury.

We empower people with brain injuries, often experiencing additional complex health inequalities, with the knowledge and skills they need to make positive changes, helping to bring about greater inclusion.

This includes ensuring their rehabilitation needs are heard and understood by decision-makers.

This work is supported by Brainkind’s commitment to increasing the identification and awareness of brain injury through the delivery of training to other professionals from various backgrounds.

Recent national polling data has supported the organisation’s understanding of brain injury through the lens of the wider population, people with brain injury, and health professionals.

This has ensured Brainkind is expertly placed to amplify the voice of people with brain injury and provide the knowledge and resources needed by the professionals who support them.

Our Work

We work across a range of areas to ensure our voice is heard.

1. Influence government and policymakers through submitting evidence and policy briefings based on the real experiences of people with brain injuries, their families/carers, and the specialist staff teams that support them.

2. Developing influencing and campaigning activity through engagement with people who use our services and the expertise of our staff, placing those with lived experience of brain injury at the centre of our work.

3. Understand, and contribute to the development of knowledge within the disability, health, social care, and social justice sector. We will lead and support research that provides high-quality evidence improves services, promotes best practices, and helps us provide the evidence needed to ensure social change.

4. Partnering with other organisations to raise awareness of brain injury’s prevalence and impact in various settings.

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