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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Kent House

Kent House is a specialist residential centre offering continuing rehabilitation for people who have already undergone rehabilitation, including those who need specialist care and support in a residential setting and who have longer-term support needs to maintain their independence.

Brief overview

Specialism: acquired brain injury rehabilitation

  • Sixteen single ensuite bedrooms
  • Specialist assisted bathroom
  • Four separate bungalows
  • One bedroom flat
  • Three communal lounges
  • Large private garden

About Kent House

Kent House is a specialist long-term brain injury residential care centre where we provide innovative rehabilitation and ongoing support to enable people to thrive after a brain injury. At Brainkind, we aim to make sure that everyone can live independently as they can in an environment that enhances their wellbeing.

Access to the community forms a part of rehabilitation. Located in the busy county town of Aylesbury, Kent House is ideally situated for social integration and offers many opportunities for education and vocational placements. The people we support enjoy easy access to the town’s shops and use local leisure facilities extensively, including the nearby Stoke Mandeville sports stadium.


Kent House has sixteen single bedrooms, each with a bathroom and kitchen. We also have a one-bedroom supported living flat and four bungalows, each with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The people we support are invited to personalise their bedrooms to their tastes.

Spacious and well-appointed communal areas for dining and relaxation complement individual accommodation. Rehabilitation occurs in a tranquil and supportive environment, and people enjoy access to a wide range of therapeutic and recreational facilities.

Our rehabilitation models

Our specialist rehabilitation is based on a neuro-behavioural approach and focuses on enabling people to function more independently and develop their lives as they choose. Brainkind’s multi-disciplinary team has specialist assessment and therapy rooms to aid an individual’s recovery.

The programme may include:

  • Educational and therapeutic sessions
  • Support for personal, social, and domestic skills
  • Guided leisure time
  • Behavioural management
  • Community access
  • Vocational support and training

The people we support are actively involved in reviewing their progress against agreed outcomes, and we promote the involvement of families in the rehabilitation process. Home leave is encouraged wherever possible.

Becoming more independent

In addition to the main centre, there is a one-bedroom supported living flat and four bungalows where people can strengthen their skills before moving onto a more independent environment.

Who we support

Our brain injury rehabilitation services are for people who experience some / any of the following symptoms:

  • Cognitive problems, including thinking, memory, problem-solving, learning, awareness, and perception
  • Physical impairments that affect mobility, posture, or dexterity
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • Communication difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour
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