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Harwich, Essex

Cook Close

Cook Close offers accessible accommodation for four people in a comfortable bungalow in a suburban cul de sac within the pretty historic seaside town of Harwich.

Brief overview

Specialism: Specialist residential support

  • Four bedrooms
  • Two specialist-assisted bathrooms
  • Two specially equipped rehabilitation skills kitchens
  • A comfortable communal lounge
  • Activities room
  • A large private garden

About Cook Close

We offer specialist residential support that provides continuing rehabilitation and specialist care so that people with an acquired brain injury can live independently and thrive. We work with people with a range of cognitive, physical and/or emotional symptoms following a severe brain injury.

Everyone we support has a personalised rehabilitation programme, and they are involved in all aspects of their care and support, including goal planning. The programme may include educational and therapeutic sessions and support, personal, social, and domestic skills, guided leisure time, behavioural management, community access and vocational support/training.

The duration of placement varies depending on an individual’s needs.


Cook Close is a comfortable 4-bedroom shared house with a cosy communal lounge, specialist-assisted bathrooms, two fully equipped daily living rehabilitation skills kitchens, and a large private garden. We are ideally situated in the heart of the community, within walking distance of the seafront, shops, and leisure facilities with good train links and only 20 minutes from Colchester, Clacton, and Ipswich.

Our rehabilitation models 

Our specialist rehabilitation is based on a neuro-behavioural approach and focuses on enabling people to function more independently and develop their lives as they choose. The multi-disciplinary team has specialist assessment and therapy rooms to aid individuals’ recovery.

The programme may include:

  • Educational and therapeutic sessions
  • Support for personal, social, and domestic skills
  • Guided leisure time
  • Behavioural management
  • Community access
  • Vocational support and training

The people we support are actively involved in reviewing their progress against agreed outcomes, and we promote the involvement of families in the rehabilitation process. Home leave is encouraged wherever possible.

Becoming more independent

At Cook Close, we focus entirely on the individual’s needs and wishes. This may include moving on to a place of their own or returning to their home pre-injury when the time is right. As an organisation, we can offer support from intense rehabilitation to supporting people to live independently in the community. We support individuals in developing their person-centred support plan, embracing their lifestyle choices and including input from family members and professionals involved in their care.

Who we support

Our brain injury rehabilitation services are for people who experience some / any of the following symptoms:

  • Cognitive problems including thinking, memory, problem-solving, learning, awareness, and perception
  • Physical impairments that affect mobility, posture, or dexterity
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • Communication difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour
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