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A new initiative to raise awareness and knowledge of the neurobehavioural approach to rehabilitation

By Ramos, SDS, McIntosh-Brown, J, Nuhu, S, & Coetzer, R

brain injury leeds

The first study about the rehab mantras looked at how we went through the process of developing the mantras as a new way of sharing important aspects of the neurobehavioral approach to brain injury rehabilitation.

This is an evidence-based and effective approach, but it is not always clear what is important to make it work. The “rehab mantras” aim to help everyone involved to better understand and use the approach. 

We looked at research and consulted with experts to identify core principles, which were summarised into rehab mantras, which were shared with all staff, even those not directly involved in rehabilitation. Staff, in turn, shared the rehab mantras with the people we support and other stakeholders.

We tried to get everyone involved through blog posts, posters, interviews, and quizzes. By the end of our initial pilot, we had developed four mantras, and saw a growth in the numbers of people learning about them and engaging with the materials. 

We concluded that the methodology we used may be a good way to help everyone better understand and use this important approach to brain injury rehabilitation. But it may also be a useful method to convey other complex and abstract concepts to a general audience. 

This study was presented at the NR-SIG-WFNR Conference in 2022. To view the conference poster click here.

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