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Another research year

By Dr Sara da Silva Ramos, Senior Research Fellow at Brainkind

Last year, ended on a very positive note, as Dr Rudi Coetzer joined Brainkind as Clinical Director. With lockdowns seemingly over, things have been very busy indeed!

We have continued to support external colleagues with their research – one of the pillars of our Research Framework. Throughout 2022, we have used Research to highlight these studies which focused on a variety of themes, ranging from the science of dating after brain injury, to exploring the metric properties of cognitive screening tools.

We launched the Rehab Mantras initiative in early 2022 and presented it at the 19th NR-SIG-WFNR conference in October. As the first year of this initiative comes to an end, we are working to evaluating it further, while also keeping an eye for next years’ edition of this very conference, now that the call for abstracts is open.

With our team, we reflected on the role of research in identifying priorities alongside those with lived experience, and on understanding how new knowledge can be effectively translated into practice to make a real positive difference to everyone.

In July, the article describing the clinical approach adopted within Brainkind saw the “light of day” on the journal Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences.

As the year fast approaches its end, we had time to look back at the impact of our work for people with brain injuries, and the privilege to hear and share some of their stories.

Perhaps like you, we welcome the chance for a break during the festive season. But are also looking forward to sharing more research updates with you in 2023.

All the best,

Rudi & Sara – with a heartfelt thank you to Sharon Nuhu for her contribution to our work over the last two years.

Dr Sara da Silva Ramos is Senior Research Fellow, Dr Rudi Coetzer is Clinical Director at Brainkind (formerly The Disabilities Trust), and Sharon Nuhu was Assistant Psychologist (Outcome Measures) 2020-2022.

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